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TMJ Disorder (TMD)
If you have a TMJ disorder, you may experience pain and discomfort when opening your mouth, chewing...
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Teeth grinding/clenching (bruxism)
Waking up with a sore jaw, grinding during sleep, and clenching subconsciously while awake may all b...
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Nerve pain
There are different types of nerve pain conditions which can present with a variety of symptoms. ...
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Some headaches can be caused by a TMJ disorder and can be effectively treated by controlling the pr...
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After ruling out sleep apnea, people who continue snoring are considered to suffer from primary sn...
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Sleep apnea 
Obstructive sleep apnea is a condition that causes you to stop breathing while you’re sleeping. Unt...
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Meet Dr. Andres Martinez

Diplomate, American Board of Orofacial Pain

Dr. Andres Martinez is a highly qualified board-certified specialist in TMJ and Orofacial Pain. As one of fewer than 300 board-certified Orofacial pain doctors in the US, Dr. Martinez brings a unique level of expertise to evaluating and analyzing the complex relationship between the head, neck, and TMJ in relation to headache pain.

Dr. Martinez is a part-time professor at UTHealth School of Dentistry, where he teaches Orofacial Pain to dentists and dental students. He is actively involved in national committees dedicated to Orofacial Pain, and he regularly lectures on a national level to enhance the management of Orofacial pain for all patients.

He is a strong advocate for a multidisciplinary approach, collaborating closely with medical and dental colleagues to deliver the highest standard of care for his patients. With his pleasant and positive demeanor, Dr. Martinez dedicates ample time to thoroughly evaluate each case and make informed decisions aimed at improving his patients’ health and overall well-being.

After completing dental school with honors, Dr. Martinez spent two years specializing in Orofacial Pain and TMJ at the University of Kentucky Orofacial Pain Center, where he served as Chief Resident. He was trained under the mentorship of world-renowned specialists in Orofacial Pain, including Dr. Jeffrey Okeson and Dr. Reny De Leeuw. 

Dr. Martinez is a member of the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine, Greater Houston Dental Society, Texas Dental Association and American Dental Association.

Andres Martinez - TMJ

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